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Kok Ai Lee, Kaplan CIMA student

Olga Molchanova Kaplan ACCA Student

I've been preparing for ACCA exams in various ways – self-studies, in the classroom and using distance learning.

How would I describe Kaplan Live Online courses? They bring to you a personal approach, tutor support and flexible learning anytime and anywhere. One of the most valuable options I could mention is a possibility to submit to Kaplan specialists several assessments and mock exams for marking during your studies, thus you can test yourself before a real exam.

I wish everyone success in their journey to ACCA membership!


Jekaterina Salopanova,
Kaplan ACCA student

I have started my studying journey with Kaplan from the very beginning of ACCA studies. Firstly, I was using Kaplan books and online supplementary resources to get ready for the exam. Online version of studying materials is handy in a way that you can access it any time. Also, knowledge tests are useful tool to get additional testing in your studies' progress.

Later on I proceeded with Live Online courses. Due to the fact that I am working full time, aforementioned courses help me a lot for the planning of preparation to the exam. What is more, tutors provide practical advice on how to score the best at your exam.

The last but not least, I find Kaplan books well structured and easy to use. Pocket notes are particularly convenient.

I wish everyone success in their journey to ACCA membership!


Tan Yen San,
Kaplan ACCA student

I live in Kota Kinabalu and I started my career as an accountant a few years ago. As I start to take on more roles at the accountancy firm, I soon realized the need for professional certification to advance my career as a professional accountant. However, I found that quality training programmes for professional certification that allows me to maintain my job and social life were scarce.

Transferring to Kaplan’s Live Online has been the best decision I have made for my career. Since moving from other training providers to Kaplan’s Live Online Learning platform, I’ve enjoyed the solid expertise of world class lecturers, all while still allowing me to control when and where I do my studies and revision.

The course is well structured and is easily digestible. Not only do I feel more prepared for my examinations because of the high quality of study material, but I also find what I learn to be very much applicable to my work at the firm on a daily basis. The lecturers at Kaplan are very experienced and highly knowledgeable – I find that Kaplan’s revision courses are focused, relevant and valuable for my technical knowledge in consulting at the firm and also preparations for my professional certification examinations.


Chan Vun Chun,
Kaplan ACCA student

I live in Tawau, Sabah and have spent most of my life here. Pursuing a career as a professional accountant has been a goal for me ever since high school. In order to be qualified as a full-fledged professional accountant, I chose to pursue certification with ACCA.

Unfortunately, obtaining high quality tuition for my ACCA studies was a problem because Tawau is a remote area without convenient access to institutions with tuition classes. As I am also working full-time at the moment, I needed a learning program that would allow me to balance my time between work and study. That’s why I looked to Kaplan and its Distance Learning programme.

So far, I have completed 3 papers with ACCA through Kaplan’s Distance Learning and I have been very satisfied with my experience. The flexibility is a huge plus point for me as I am able to fit my study and revision time around my work schedule. I also enjoy the interaction with fellow students via the online community portal as well as the Kaplan lecturers who are very responsive via emails to any questions I may have, usually responding within the day.
The best thing about Kaplan’s Distance Learning is the opportunity it has given me to access world-class training courses for ACCA certification without leaving Tawau, Sabah.


Noor Kassim,
Kaplan ACCA student

I enrolled in Kaplan’s Live Online programme to help me in my studies towards obtaining a professional certification in ACCA, which was critical for the advancement of my career as a professional accountant at the Kuala Lumpur United Nations’ financial department where I work.

Setting aside time to study for a professional certification has been a challenge for me. I needed a program that allowed me to juggle my work, family and studies while also being value for money.

Kaplan’s Live Online gives me the flexibility to fit my studies around my existing schedule and gives me world class training at fees that are value for money. The lecturers are very experienced and go through the syllabus according to my level of development so that I am not overwhelmed.
I love the fact that I am more engaged during Live Online classes. It is easy for me to ask questions via the live chat and have the lecturers answer them in real time. Besides, if I find a particular chapter slightly difficult, I can always replay the lecture whenever I want to help me in my revision.



Esther Yap,
Kaplan ACCA student

I'm a mother of two children and both of my children are at very young age. Besides that, I'm also a Finance Manager in my company. My life is very busy and therefore it is impossible for me to attend the traditional class after work or during weekends. Kaplan Live Online has given me the flexibility that I can study wherever I go and whenever I'm free. This has saved lots of my time and yet without disturbing my other day-to-day routines.

This is actually my second times taking ACCA after 13 years. Initially I was very worried that I was not able to catch up with the course. This is because I couldn't understand what I studied when I took ACCA the first time due to my command of English was not good. I have definitely improved my English after working for so many years.

Kaplan Live Online resources has ceased my problems as they are very easily accessible and understandable especially to a non-native speaker like me. Thanks to Kaplan Live Online I have gained back my confidence after attending the classes. I'm able to interact with my lecturer in the class so that I can raise questions in the class whenever I have doubts. If I miss any of the live classes, I can always refer to the recorded lectures to ensure that I don't miss any important topics. I am also able to contact my lecturer via emails whenever I have problems with my study.


Heena Desai
Kaplan CIMA student

I had been recently registered with Kaplan and received some of the resources for the August Strategic Case Study (SCS). Results were announced for the SCS exam and I passed with a score of 109.

This was great experience to receive materials and resources relating to the Case Study from the Premium Learning Partners of CIMA and we were able to interact with CIMA students across the world.

I would like to thank your whole team for the support you provided to us during the Strategic Case Study exam. The materials were of immense help and the mock exams also. Those were really helpful in passing the SCS with such marks.


Alvis Wong,
Kaplan ACCA student working for KPMG

Kaplan's resources gave me the flexibility to study when I could and when it was necessary, and I passed my ACCA exams. I strongly recommend those working in audit to take Kaplan's Live Online course, as it is flexible and can fit around the job which requires a lot of time and commitment. Because it is online, you can repeat the lecture and watch again if you miss any part of the class, which you cannot do in a traditional classroom.


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